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Bass X Rachel Antonoff Who’s That Girl Oxford! ($120)

I love these shoes. Sadly they are already slightly dirty because of the embroidered cotton. (Which I adore paired with the pink leather and mint foam sole) can you tell what my favorite colors are? Lol! I have no more spending money this month 😦

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$2 vintage skater dress. Modeled by moi!


Check out those heart stopping curves!
I love this dress, but its definately tailored for a 1956 sillouette.

This is my current shoe rotation featuring my pinup polka dot satin wedges. Ive long lost the box and dont remember where I bought them.
The rest are nike, puma, shiek, nine west, steve madden, iron fist & others. Im not super brand loyal and ive noticed pricier shoes to be a bigger pain because i dont want to wear them out so they dont get ruined. It rains a lot here.
The off nude taupe patent pumps are my go to professional shoe, funeral shoe and wedding shoe.

The spikey shoes remind me of durian fruit and add toughness to everyday looks.

I love shoes.

Ive finally reached 100 people with my messege of unabashed fuqing cyootness.


Its been a slow road and life is busy, but thank all of you for inspiring me to keep it going!

The polish was applied single coat to bare nail, no topcoat no photo filter.

The two blue Finn the Human polishes are nearly indistinguishable candy blue but the keychain polish seems to be a thicker formula.
The black Jake the dog polish is a perfect black. Thick and without a wierd color cast.
The yellow Jake the dog is thin and a nicotiney yolky yellow. Its proper, as Jake is a sedate shade but as a nail polish, I find it a bit gross as a base coat.


Avon 1983 bunny salt n pepper, new china set, malt eggs and white chocolate ducky.
You cant see the pattern, but the china has blue and pink flowers and silver striping.