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Ive finally reached 100 people with my messege of unabashed fuqing cyootness.


Its been a slow road and life is busy, but thank all of you for inspiring me to keep it going!



Pu~pu~purikura! ❤


The light didnt capture how mettalic the eyeshadow is. I applied a cream base shadow and foiled with loose gold mettalic pigment. I spent Vday night under the full moon with a platonic friend doing some night photography. Worth it.

I found these adventure time nail polishes on sale! The keychains attached to the heads are double sided emery boards. I like that the jakes are different in yellow and black.
Im not sure but I think the finns are two slightly different shades of blue.

I love these polish bottles, even my room mate bought himself a black bottle jake.

Reasonably priced at under $10 for 6grm of makeup. Blackheart seems to be Hot Topics new house generic brand. Im fond of thier perfumes and am thrilled that they came out with this palette for spring, coincidentally in my colors! Im not being paid for this btw, so you know I love the shit out of it.

The swatches are done under the light I do my makeup under.

The palette is cardboard but sturdy, with a mirror and magnetic closure.
The texure is silky and the shadows vary from matte to pearly to light glitter. Its similar to limecrimes aquataenia and sugarpills heartbreaker. Theres a previous post about those two if you scroll back.

This Palette by Blackheart made me think about the insanely vivid palettes by Sugarpill and Limecrime.

Rocking review on those HERE.

However, I need to own this palette because it has all of the teamouse colors! ❤


I was skeptical of buying a theme box, but this one has proven itself.

The Contents:
“Look book” pamphlet
Mesh bag
Cute box
Smokey eye palette
Pinched blush
Le Frou Frou mascara
Istanbul matte lip cream
Extreme black Studio liquid liner
Cashmere jumbo eye pencil

I used the jumbo pencil, white and beige shadow, blush, mascara, lip cream from the kit, mineral powder foundation and black pencil from other brands for this look.


Just playin with face goop 😉