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Growing up, my generation suffered one of the worst manga adaptations that didn’t include giant robots, the sailor moon franchise.

Now, luckily we have been gifted with sailor moon crystal, a more direct adaptation of the manga that is much closer to the beautiful and classic art style of the original material.

Three episodes have aired so far and are available on HULU for your viewing pleasure…

I know what I’m doing tonight.





Ive finally reached 100 people with my messege of unabashed fuqing cyootness.


Its been a slow road and life is busy, but thank all of you for inspiring me to keep it going!

The polish was applied single coat to bare nail, no topcoat no photo filter.

The two blue Finn the Human polishes are nearly indistinguishable candy blue but the keychain polish seems to be a thicker formula.
The black Jake the dog polish is a perfect black. Thick and without a wierd color cast.
The yellow Jake the dog is thin and a nicotiney yolky yellow. Its proper, as Jake is a sedate shade but as a nail polish, I find it a bit gross as a base coat.

A love hangover is the headachy, stomach churning feeling you get after being in love. Wibbly and bittersweet, cloying and nostalgic.

So Im reading the print of an old webcomic I adore and having a glittery, pearly cookie and marshmallow snack.

I found these adventure time nail polishes on sale! The keychains attached to the heads are double sided emery boards. I like that the jakes are different in yellow and black.
Im not sure but I think the finns are two slightly different shades of blue.

I love these polish bottles, even my room mate bought himself a black bottle jake.

Behold, Princess Kenny!
(All pics gleaned from the interwebs)