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Okay theyre not green, but pandan is.
Pandan cake, low cal greek yogurt and vidal fried egg gummy candy on top of whipped cream(146 Cal)

Sorry if it seems like all I eat lately are parfaits. I had to use my table as storage to make room for my weight bench. Gah, my apartment is so small!



Sugarfree greek yogurt and boysenberry sugarfree preserves with kawaii strawberry wafer and marshmallow bunny garnish (220 cal)

What a cheerful way to start the day ~<3


Goats milk, cream crackers and sugarfree strawberry jam (240 cal)

I just feel feverish and awful today. Im going to have some healthy choice brand chicken soup later. Canned soup doesnt hurt going up or down as much as a stiff veggie filled homemade batch would. Im glad I had homemade soup earlier this week.

Ive finally reached 100 people with my messege of unabashed fuqing cyootness.


Its been a slow road and life is busy, but thank all of you for inspiring me to keep it going!


Strawberry swirl cream stick wafer, pandan sponge cake , and russian strawberry macaroon. You cant see but the macaroon is two merangues stuck togeather with cream.

The plate belongs to a friend of mine and he emphatically assured me that he also had a crab shaped one!

No calories today because Im definately in a deficeit from yesterday.
Home made chicken soup! And a very herby green salad.

I cooked a whole bird the day before and boiled the carcass until the cartiledge turned to gelatin. The rest is a secret!


Peaches and cream (150 cal)   I was going to post about my pre easter lolly haul..but…