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Ive finally reached 100 people with my messege of unabashed fuqing cyootness.


Its been a slow road and life is busy, but thank all of you for inspiring me to keep it going!


Daily doodle: Eh, what’s up dawg?.


I want to see this finished.

I can haz Lobo crush.


Avon 1983 bunny salt n pepper, new china set, malt eggs and white chocolate ducky.
You cant see the pattern, but the china has blue and pink flowers and silver striping.

A love hangover is the headachy, stomach churning feeling you get after being in love. Wibbly and bittersweet, cloying and nostalgic.

So Im reading the print of an old webcomic I adore and having a glittery, pearly cookie and marshmallow snack.


The light didnt capture how mettalic the eyeshadow is. I applied a cream base shadow and foiled with loose gold mettalic pigment. I spent Vday night under the full moon with a platonic friend doing some night photography. Worth it.