Ariel In Kawaiiland


Hey Kawaii Enthusiasts, yesterday I posted the news of the Creamy Mami store coming back for it’s 2014 run. Today I went to go check it out for myself! It’s exciting to see new Creamy Mami stuff and even after the 30th Anniversary. Creamy Mami was only suppose to run for 6 months but because it was so popular it went for a full year and aired every week in 1983 giving the anime 52 episodes. It’s no surprise that this fandom has stayed strong. I started liking Creamy Mami before watching the anime but with each episode I watched the more I loved it. Heavy picture post~



The store will be in Tokyo from February 25th until March 6th at the Namco Wonder City arcade in Chofu. After that it will move to Osaka and Kumamoto. Chiba isn’t far from some parts of Tokyo but Chofu is all the way…

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