These are so cute! ~<3


20140219-223555.jpg The love heart bakewells ♥

Sorry for such a late post my lovely readers. I’ve got a week off work and really have been using that time up fast! Haven’t had a lot of time to post however I did have time to complete my cute love heart valentines Bakewell tarts! And guess what? They tasted amazing. My boyfriend and his mother agreed it basically tasted like a poptart…Whether that’s a good or bad thing? You guys can decide!


I was cooking under mamma jones’s close eye! But she wanted me to do everything on my own, but she guided me every now and again. I started with the pastry, that was so tricky for me! Never ever made pastry and honestly my mum told me that the pastry was perfect. So for first attempt… I’m happy! Pastry is difficult and with the recipe I used we had to improvise…

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