Little Wolf



Hey girl.


Some time ago, I decided I wanted to start making my Animal Battle characters 3-dimensional.  I love drawing them so much that I want them to really come to life.

Quite suddenly a few weeks ago, my brain decided it was time.  It was like a switch flipped and I needed to start making that dream happen NOW.  I was really curious about making maquette sculptures, so for about a week and a half I scoured the entire internet for everything I could find about sculpting with clay.  I watched dozens of video tutorials, pored over countless blogs and websites, read through a couple books.  I looked like this:


But, you know, like happy, I just wasn’t blinking.

Then I made supply lists, thought a LOT about the process, made several important clicks on Amazon, and a few trips to my local art and hardware stores.  Some things…

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