Whiskey, Whimsy, and Wanderings.

Hello Kitty AK47While wandering the Internet I found that not only can you buy a Hello Kitty AK47, you can also fly on a Hello Kitty Jet. (To find all things Hello Kitty, check out Hello Kitty Hell.

Yep. You fly on a Hello Kitty Jet and be fully immersed in all things Hello Kitty. EVERYTHING HELLO KITTY for hours, many hours, without escape. Sounds exciting, right? And by exciting I mean excruciatingly painful, in a fun, perky, pink, and kawaii way!

Hello Kitty Jet

So what are some of the highlights of this Hello Kitty experience? I’m glad you asked!

Six Hello Kitty themed jets.

  1. Hello Kitty with Magic Stars, the theme of the Magic Jet, features the cute feline waving her magic wand, sprinkling shining stars and heralding the start of a happy journey. Hello Kitty’s friends and family members join her on the aircraft in a cheerful representation of friendship and love.
  2. Hello Kitty…

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