Rilakkuma Desu

Wow this set is so much cuter than I thought and with the tiny let down of the Wonderland Lawson play set this one held its own with the Happy Natural Time series. I love the colors of this one especially on the inside! I pre-ordered this back in September and it was released on December 20th for 3999 yen. Not too long of a wait either~




For me it looks good enough to eat he he. Of course the best part of the case is the kuma shaped strawberry. The top and bottom parts of the case are very soft and strong. And there’s also the lovely tag on the front with the Lawson colors.





IMG_2914When you open the Pie you’ll see a beautiful pink pattern and two cute/pink new additions to the Happy Natural Time series! I favor Kii in pink now, he’s fluffy and cuter looking. I…

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