Supposedly the record label behind -AKB48- forced Poor Minami to shave her head! Apparently her crime was breaking her contract’s no dating clause. However forcing her to shave her head, but keeping her on as a “trainee” (backup performer, type thing) while wearing a wig is Awful!

-AKB48- is pretty sexy stuff, and as idol groups go, these girls are nearly AV stars. However, How is this legal? Firing her is within their right as a record company, but shaving her head and publically shaming her is barbaric! I support poor Minami 100%. I feel badly that she is willing to put up with outright abuse to keep her J-pop career, however, she should not have been treated like this in the first place! She is not a whore Barbie doll owned by the Label! she is a human being!

I am not sure if i can continue to be an AKB48 fan any more after this. It really makes me sad, and I hate to point fingers, but the record label is trying to cater to the obsessive male fan base who consider these girls their girlfriends. So thus, they are shaming Minami like an unfaithful fiancee’ because she broke her contract.

*Makes grumpy face and pulls out the Fan Boy Mallet*

Alright Creeps, Lets Tango!