(Bare Faced, well basic powder foundation +Carousel Gloss with no lipstick underneath)

I  received my Carousel Gloss in ‘Present’ by LimeCrime with the Valentines Gift set today, So I figured I would write a review.

The box is cute, in lavender and purple with metallic accents and a pale green inside.

The top of the vial is stamped metal, with the LimeCrime logo stamped into it and the vial itself is striped attractively like a unicorn horn.

I managed to catch the glitter with my terrible cell phone camera in this swatch.

The gloss itself is smooth and slick. It’s loaded with glitter and color and leaves a light stain.  It smells like vanilla, but not like cookie or cake, there’s no butter or sugar in the scent. And the color is a very purple magenta with massive amounts of  glitter inside.

I think that the retail price is a bit exorbitant, but I have no problem buying something if I really want it. I would Buy this again, on sale.