So, I wanted to share a review of one of the cutest makeups in my collection, the TonyMoly Cats products! Red Cats Chu and Curling Cats Wink.

So, The packaging is obviously appealing. When I first saw them I HAD TO HAVE THEM. I bought both off of amazon and the shipping took less time than projected, directly from Korea.

My cell phone camera and photography skills aren’t the best, but I tried to get the product from a few different angles for you!

So, The lipstick is a lot pinker than anticipated, The specific shade is called “Red Cats”, but it’s more like cherry juice cats, depending on the light. It’s an interesting pinky orange color that looks pinker under my bathroom light. It applies like a gloss and leaves a light stain. The smell however might get you in trouble with the cops, it whiffs like a tropical alcoholic drink. straight up. I enjoy it, but it may not be for everyone.

So thats under the harsh fluorescent light in my bathroom on my pale lips.

Swatched on my arm in natural Light, much more orangy red.

So, The Cats Wink, I bought was the curling variety, and it has a very nice little spoon brush, it is prone to glooping a little, but applies very smoothly and dries to a nice finish that doesnt seem to run or flake and comes off nicely with makeup wipes.

I have a very gentle hand with mascara, but here it is applied to clean, dry lashes. I have very fine, wispy lashes and it gives me a beautiful sweep. I’m quite please with the results.

So, I hope you enjoyed my first, terrible makeup review, Hopefully this will be the first of many to come 🙂