So, I’ve been having some discussions with my LEGIONS (not really) of ADORING (not quite) FANS (drunken homies) about some of my favorite makeups. So the Sugarpill/LimeCrime drama naturally came up after I announced my purchase of the Limey Valentines set.

So, In my opinion, buying any boutique makeup is pure self indulgence when my massive cheap palette and little black LA COLORS eye shadow look books and wet n wild lipsticks would do.  I bought the TONYMOLY cats Chu and Wink products because I loved the packaging, which is shaped like little black cats, for example. Buying any overpriced cosmetic is pure decadence, and as long as the packaging is cute, and the product delivers, I’m okay with this.

The personalities involved in the brands really don’t concern me as long as my product ships in a timely manner and doesn’t arrive shattered or sticky with cat piss (Shudder, Ebayers..) I really don’t care if the owner of a cosmetics company is a unicorn fashion model or a pornographically adorable doll. Really, If I concerned myself with the careers and personal drama of every cosmetics company owner, fashion designer or ad model, I wouldn’t have a real life. I buy the things I like, and no drama or bad marketing is really going to change my opinions of something I enjoy that doesn’t melt my face off.

So, duke it out, brand loyalists. But I really couldn’t give less of a damn. I’ve known so many self absorbed models and designers who honestly are mediocre at best, but if they make something I like, I’m all over it. I don’t have to like the person to dig a cool photo (All models shop to hell honeys, fact of life) piece of clothing, or other product. I got off the whole “I won’t support this person because they’re an asshole” bandwagon a long time ago. I wont post about how great they are as a person, but damn If i cant like a pretty thing.

So Check out both Lime Crime and SugarPill,Shop for yourself and find something you like! I know I do. 😉